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Customer Reviews

Nathan Wu 

This delicious little morsel does a tantalizing job of delivering that flavor you look for in beef jerky. A single bite will have you asking what could possibly be better than whiskey BBQ jerky. Your second bite will provide the answer. Look no further for the tastiest jerky around. 

Niko Pal

Whiskey BBQ, get drunk off this flavor. A nice subtle taste of whiskey with a kick of BBQ to top it off. 

Desheay Jenkins  

GM of Sessions movement 

tried maple bourbon 

The Maple Bourbon is my personal favorite. It's the most tender moist pice of meat ever to have entered my mouth. 

Donny Prendez 

all around cool dude

tried the  Whisky BBQ

It's some of the best jerky I've ever had!

Sebastian Schmeckly

homie G

Tried the garlic

It’s just the right amount of garlic with a fresh taste. Way better than Jack Links.

Austen Schatz

the dad

Tried the Honey jalapeno

It’s the bomb diggity!  A good mix of sweet and tender in the beginning followed by a kick of spice.